Will your business win the Texas Business Sustainability Challenge?

Join the friendly competition among Texas businesses, engage your remote and on-site employees, and quantify the collective impact of sustainable lifestyle choices.

Register by March 17th to reserve your spot.

What is the Texas Business Sustainability Challenge?

The Texas Business Sustainability Challenge is an employee engagement opportunity where businesses across the state rally their employees around green habits and community engagement. Employees earn points with sustainable lifestyle choices ranging from recycling to energy efficiency and much more. 


Increase Employee Engagement

Reinforce the sense of “team” across remote and on-site employees, demonstrate your shared sustainability values, and boost employee satisfaction.

Make a Local Impact

Our app helps your team track measurable sustainability insights, helping you determine local impact and support community nonprofits.

Gain State-Wide Visibility

Put your brand and commitment to sustainable values in front of other businesses & individuals competing across the state.

How it Works

After you register your business, employees can download the app, join your team, and start logging simple, day-to-day sustainable choice to earn points.


Dozens of opportunities to make sustainable choices throughout the day.


Share your actions and find inspiration from others.


Compete to rack up points on the leaderboard.

Real Impact

See the positive effect your habits have had on the planet.

How to Earn Points

Run the laundry with a full load

   Turn off the lights

Reduce AC/heat use

Walk/bike to work

Skip the carwash

Dress for the season

Use a reusable water bottle

Shop local


January 1st - March 11th


March 24th

Challenge Kickoff Call

March 24th- 31st

Employee Signup

April 1st-22nd (Earth Day!)

Competition Duration

April 25th- 29th

Winners Announced

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Who We Support

You may recognize some of the logos of our local and state-wide nonprofit members working to conserve, preserve, and protect Texas’ natural resources. Our impact areas range from nature conservation to sustainable design & infrastructure and everything in between.

Who is ESTX?

EarthShare Texas is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) federation of 35 Texas-based environmental charities. Founded in 1992, we have a 30-year legacy of providing stable funding to Texas’ most impactful organizations and have so far raised more than 19 millions dollars for our nonprofit members through innovative fundraising and corporate partnerships.


Do I register per employee or for the entire business?

Initial registration is January – March 15 and is for your entire business to sign up for the competition as a team. Individual employees can join your team through the app starting March 21st.

How many employees can participate per registration?

We do not limit the number of employees you can have on your team.

What if I want to register more than one team from my business?

You register your Texas based offices and employees as one team, one company. If you want more than one team (for example, if you want departments or offices to compete against each other) consider reaching out to us about a custom competition just for your company.

How does my business earn points to win?

Points are earned by individual employees logging sustainable activities throughout the competition. Points from individual employees are aggregated and adjusted for company size to assess which Texas business has made the most impact.

How is the winner chosen?

We will have multiple awards recognizing business teams for total points (adjusting for company size), employee engagement, and other various ways to ensure that the competition is fair while maintaining competitive spirit.

I have a small business, how do I complete against companies with more employees?

The competition points will be adjusted for company size and amount of employee engagement so that small companies have a fair chance to win.

Does EarthShare Texas have more opportunities for businesses to support the environment?

Absolutely. If you would like to sponsor our public-facing sustainability challenge, My Earth My Texas, check out the details here [insert link for MEMTX sponsorship page]. Or if you would like to discuss a custom cause-marketing campaign, donate, or simply learn more about our organization, please contact .

How does the app work and is it secure?

EarthShare Texas has partnered with the trusted Joulebug app for the Texas Business Sustainability Challenge. Please review the Joulebug security documentation for more information.

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