Business Benefits

  • 1


    EarthShare raises the visibility of its business partners online, in print, at events, and through the media to enhance your brand’s value.

  • 2

    Corporate Responsibility

    EarthShare of Texas Business Partners gain access to additional services such as the volunteer activities and events, as well as expert speakers from our member charities, who can speak about specific environmental issues or interests.

  • 3


    Our member charities are reviewed annually for fiscal and operational efficiency. By vetting our member charities, we can assure you that they are worthy of your employees’ donations.

  • 4

    Good Will

    By partnering with EarthShare, you are inspiring your employees by showing that you care about their passions and beliefs. Offering to match their donations can strengthen that message as well.

  • 5

    Low Cost, Reliability

    While bringing an EarthShare employee giving campaign to your business requires a few payroll hours, our staff works hard to make sure your program runs smoothly and reliably.