EarthShare of Texas workplace and other giving programs are built on connecting environmental and conservation charities with donors who recognize the importance of caring for our natural resources, offering philanthropic and hands-on opportunities, and talking to employees about issues that impact the health of our air, land, water and wildlife.

EarthShare of Texas has strict eligibility criteria, so you can have the confidence that our member organizations are vetted charities. Your donations are going to support the important work that they are doing every day to protect our natural spaces and our environmental health – air, water, land, etc.

Workplace Giving

EarthShare of Texas can help you set up an employee giving campaign at your workplace. It’s easy and efficient. ESTX has a unique online giving platform that enables companies to offer employees a company-branded, secure internal site. Employees are able to choose where they want their donations to go and how they want to contribute – payroll deduction, echeck, or credit card.

Adding to an Existing Program

If you are an employer who already have an employee giving campaign, it is possible to add EarthShare of Texas member organizations so your employees can have access to over 70 environmental and conservation charities which are local, statewide, regional, national and international in scope.

Corporate Donations

EarthShare of Texas can help you design a program that enables your company’s customers to support environmental nonprofits which both shows a company’s commitment to the environment and gives customers a means to support both your company and environmental nonprofits at the same time.

Special Campaigns Around Earth Month

April is Earth Month and it’s the perfect time to promote and kickoff your company’s support for environmental causes through a targeted campaign. EarthShare of Texas has developed tear pad campaigns and other mediums to promote awareness to a company’s customers and provide an opportunity to give directly to environmental nonprofits through a donation to ESTX.

We hope to educate and find ways to collaborate on projects that effect positive change regarding the environmental issues that are of concern to our state, its citizens, and its businesses.