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EarthShare Texas proposes a nuanced solution that addresses Green Workforce constraints while building the green leadership pipeline.

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A Message from the Executive Director

Meet The Fellows

Out of over 40 applicants, six were selected to join the inaugural cohort of the Green Leaders Fellowship program. These six individuals are already leaders - in their respective fields, schools, and communities. EarthShare Texas is proud to support them on their professional journeys. Learn more about the fellows by clicking on their pictures!

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Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance

Brenda Chapa

Hello! My name is Brenda Chapa, and this past December I graduated from UT Austin as an international political-economy major.

Born in Mexico and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, international relations has always been an interest of mine, given the nature of growing up in the middle of two cultures. Therefore, I hope to learn about as many cultures as possible from around the world, but in the meantime, I love spending my weekends at the beach and trying new coffee recipes each week! I couldn’t be more thrilled to jump into my green career with EarthShare Texas this spring, by putting my research skills to use towards an incredible project as the policy-analyst fellow for GEAA.

Tackling environmental issues has always been a passionate subject of mine, as our communities, speaking as a minority, are the ones most impacted by climatic changes, and yet are the least responsible for it. Not only that, but environmental issues are heavily intertwined with other political issues that often go ignored or unrecognized. Therefore, I feel a great sense of responsibility and motivation to protect these communities and our environment from the on-going economic and political greed around the world, as I hope to continue to build a career in international development with a focus on sustainability projects.

Project Assignment
Solar Austin

Luis Caballero

I’m from El Paso, Texas and recently moved to Austin! I went to Texas Tech University where I got a double major in International Relations and Spanish. My interests include learning French, being active (yoga, tennis, walking), and listening to music/watching movies! My ideal green career goal would be to work for an NGO that works with conservation/environmentalism. I love being outside and find that I’m always at my calmest/happiest in nature. I’m very excited to work with Solar Austin and am looking forward to seeing my impact on this project.

Project Assignment

Leo Lewis

Hello, I’m Leo Lewis, a third-year undergraduate student at Huston-Tillotson University, majoring in Environmental Studies. In addition to my ongoing studies, I hold an Associate of Arts degree in Spanish from Austin Community College. My commitment to my work is deeply rooted in my unwavering passion for both people and the environment. In my free time, I enthusiastically pursue my love for languages, frequently explore art galleries, and connect with nature through hiking and foraging. While I was born in the UK, Austin has been my home for most of my life, and I’ve come to cherish it as home.

I am thrilled to be part of this program and look forward to the incredible opportunities and experiences it will bring. My green career goals revolve around making a meaningful impact on our environment and fostering sustainability. I’m passionate about advocating for a more sustainable future, especially through community engagement. Starting this Fellowship, I’m filled with excitement and anticipation. I see it as an incredible opportunity to learn, grow, and collaborate with like-minded individuals who share my commitment to the environment. What excites me the most is the prospect of working on real-world projects, gaining hands-on experience, and contributing to positive change in our community and beyond. I value the power of community involvement and look forward to actively engaging with our community to create lasting, sustainable change.

Project Assignment
Solar Austin

Cara Johnson

As a current master’s student studying Sustainability, I am incredibly excited to introduce myself to the Green Leaders community! I received my undergrad from the University of Tulsa in Media Studies with minors in Health Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Spanish, and Dance!!

My current Sustainability Studies program at Texas State University has been a true nexus of my many passions. As a former D1 athlete for the last 5 years, I love to remain active at the gym, yoga studio, and most recently I am a part-time instructor at a dance and fitness studio in Austin! (Come see me!!). I am from St. Louis, Missouri, but I enjoy traveling domestically and internationally which has heavily fueled my interest in the intersectional issues of sustainability and equitable renewable energy use. I am always seeking and seizing new opportunities and challenges to creatively engineer and sustain a lifelong commitment to continuous learning and new skill acquisition.

I am incredibly excited to support Solar Austin in their content and marketing goals! I am hoping to use my communication background to contribute to the influential work of renewable energy. Environmental and social sustainability are key to mitigating our current ecological crisis, and I believe Solar Austin is situated in the perfect intersection to evoke meaningful change in the energy industry. I am eager to tell Solar Austin’s story in an applicable and accessible way to diverse audiences to increase engagement and support.

Ultimately, I hope to continue work as a communications specialist supporting sustainability initiatives globally. I want to use my experience researching and traveling internationally to continue sourcing solutions from an interdisciplinary perspective and apply them to our local issues and needs. I feel very blessed to be afforded the opportunity to work alongside experts and leaders in an area that has proven to be innovative and at the forefront of equitable renewable energy transitioning. I am most looking forward to finding my space to grow and learn in the sustainable development sphere present in Central Texas. As I have only lived in Texas for a little over a year, I can’t wait to navigate the ecosystem of the Green Leaders community.

Project Assignment
EarthShare Texas

Jenna Everett

My name is Jenna Everett and I am a 2022 Political Science graduate from Texas Lutheran University! I am from Dallas, Texas and currently live in Killeen with my husband, Michael. I have two pets, a shorthaired cat named Koda and a teacup yorkie named Turner! In my spare time, I like to go to the gym, go on walks, and practice yoga. I enjoy cooking and baking, spending time with friends, and watching reality TV. My goals are to grow and advance as an advocate for a green future, and learn more about ways to protect the environment and support the organizations that are dedicated to creating a green future. I am eager to put my skills to the test and advance my experience in research and program development. I am excited to start the fellowship, and I am most looking forward to working with other dedicated individuals!

Project Assignment
Bike Texas

Cristina Ramirez

My name is Cristina Ramirez. I’m from and currently reside on the southside of San Antonio, with my two cats Tita and Luna. While I have a business and marketing background, I have decided to continue my education and pursue a degree in Environmental Studies. In my free time, I enjoy photography, hiking, kayaking and cycling. My career goals would be to work for a large conservation non-profit that focuses on legislation and policy. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Bike Texas during my fellowship. I’m looking forward to networking with local and national professionals who are working to make active transportation accessible to all Texans and continuing my advocacy and community education aspirations.

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