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EarthShare of Texas is excited to share that we recently received $114,000 from electricity provider, Reliant. The donation is made possible by Reliant customers who choose to participate in the Reliant EcoShareSM program. The Reliant EcoShareSM program gives customers the opportunity to add either $3.95 or $5.95 to their monthly electricity bill, which includes a donation to EarthShare of Texas as well as carbon offset to reduce their impact on the environment.

EarthShare of Texas’ executive director, Francoise Van Keuren, commented “EarthShare of Texas is proud to be part of the Reliant EcoShare program and even more grateful for Reliant’s customers who choose to donate to us every month. These donations give stable support to protecting our local environment with creative Texas-based solutions.”

The Reliant EcoShareSM donation is shared with 29 EarthShare of Texas member organizations that will each receive more than $4,000 in unrestricted funds. This program empowers our Texas-based environmental and conservation charities to choose where the money can make the biggest difference, as the funds can be spent on any program or administrative needs.

The partnership between EarthShare of Texas and Reliant began in 2011 and has raised $1.92 million in total. The most recent donation of $114,000 was raised between July and December 2020. Customers continue to give through the Reliant EcoShareSM program and the funds are distributed twice a year.

EarthShare of Texas fundraises with businesses, public institutions, and individuals to fuel mission-driven projects and programs throughout Texas. Below are some key accomplishments achieved by our nonprofits members through funds provided by the public, EarthShare of Texas, Reliant, and donors like you.


Reliant EcoShareSM Program Supports The Galveston Bay Foundation


Galveston Bay Foundation Reliant EcoShare Program with EarthShare of Texas


The Galveston Bay Foundation hosts Marsh Mania where volunteers planted 6,900 stems of smooth cordgrass in our Texas marshes. Other great restoration achievements include:

  • Recycled 114.89 tons of oyster shells from 10 partner restaurants and recruited new partners for the oyster shell recycling program.
  • Raised and transplanted to Galveston Bay reefs over 18,000 new oysters from the 300 oyster gardens at 75 bayfront homes created using 1,500 pounds of recycled oyster shell.


Reliant EcoShareSM Program Supports The Big Bend Conservancy


Big Bend Conservancy Reliant EcoShare Program with EarthShare of Texas


The Big Bend Conservancy (BBC) promotes various conservation projects in Big Bend National Park and the Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River. Funding to BBC provides opportunities for the public to participate in volunteer projects such as National Public Lands Day, allows for trail improvements, and promotes scientific research in the region.


Reliant EcoShareSM Program Supports TreeFolks


TreeFolks Reliant EcoShare Program with EarthShare of Texas


TreeFolks launched the Travis County Floodplain Reforestation Program. This innovative and nationally recognized program works to restore healthy forest buffers in Eastern Travis County floodplains, while also generating Carbon+ Credits.


The program generated the planting of 50,000 native saplings on 17 public and private properties throughout Eastern Travis County covering 83 acres. The first year of the program, in turn, will capture 11,109.46 tonnes of CO2 over the next 30 years (4.31 tCO2/acre/yr).


Reliant EcoShareSM Program Supports SPARK: School Park Program


Spark Reliant EcoShare Program with EarthShare of Texas


SPARK: School Park Program works with schools and neighborhoods to develop community parks on public school grounds in the Houston Area. SPARK uses Reliant EcoShareSM funding to support public art installations in a new SPARK Parks. Local artists work with a school’s art teacher and the students to do an art installation for their new SPARK Park. 


Reliant EcoShareSM Program Supports The Texas Solar Energy Society


Texas Solar Energy Society Reliant EcoShare Program with EarthShare of Texas


The Reliant EcoShareSM program allows the Texas Solar Energy Society (TXSES) to be active participants in providing support for the environmental health of Texas. TXSES not only benefits financially from the Reliant EcoShareSM program but appreciates Reliant’s Simple Solar Sell Back plan that provides credit, using the same price a solar homeowner pays for electricity, for all surplus electricity generated and returned to the grid. That fits in with the TXSES mission to promote clean, safe, locally harvested solar energy for every Texan.


All Environmental Nonprofits Receiving Funds From the Reliant EcoShareSM Program


Audubon Foundation of Texas

Austin Parks Foundation

Austin Youth River Watch

Bat Conservation International

Big Bend Conservancy


Blackland Prairie Raptor Center

Buffalo Bayou Partnership

Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems

Children’s Environmental Health Institute

Citizens’ Environmental Coalition

Colorado River Alliance

Ecology Action

Galveston Bay Foundation

Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance

Greens Bayou Coalition

Hill Country Conservancy

Katy Prairie Conservancy

Keep Texas Beautiful

National Wildlife Federation

San Marcos River Foundation

Save Barton Creek Association

SPARK: School Park Program

STAR: State of Texas Alliance for Recycling

Sustainable Food Center

Texas Campaign for the Environment Fund

Texas Solar Energy Society


Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

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