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On a mission to “accelerate smart environmental giving,” 1% for the Planet recognizes nonprofits, businesses, and individuals for their financial contributions toward this shared mission. EarthShare Texas is now a recognized and approved nonprofit by 1% for the Planet, which means 1% of our total nonprofit funds are spent toward environmental giving. By being approved, EarthShare Texas can now receive donations from the 1% for the Planet member network. 

How 1% for the Planet and EarthShare Texas Collaborate

Being a part of the 1% for the Planet network is a major boost in expanding EarthShare Texas’ collective impact. 1% for the Planet has a global network and any one of their members across six continents can help fund our federation of Texas-based nonprofits. EarthShare Texas only receives funding through the 1% for the Planet network when a charitable business or individual donates to us directly.  

This new avenue of fundraising across a “global movement to support environmental solutions” is an expansion of our donation bases. EarthShare Texas continually gathers stable funding for environmental nonprofits across the state of Texas. We are thankful to be approved by 1% for the Planet and excited for the many possibilities their network can provide. 

6 Areas of Environmental Impact – EarthShare Texas Recognized for Land and Water 

1% for the Planet focuses on “6 core areas of the environment to protect: climate, food, land, pollution, water and wildlife.” 1% for the Planet has already amassed hundreds of millions of dollars to help fund environmentalism in these essential areas of our co-existence. 

EarthShare Texas is recognized under two areas of focus: water and land. EarthShare Texas’ members contribute to a broad range of environmental stewardship and any donations through the 1% for the Planet network will still be distributed by EarthShare Texas as unrestricted funds. 

Learn more about the 1% for the Planet mission and network on their website.