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Texas-based retailer and legacy conservation fundraising nonprofit celebrate ongoing partnership, achieving successful Earth Month fundraising and planning continued collaboration for lasting environmental impact.

AUSTIN, TX – Since 2007, H-E-B and EarthShare Texas have successfully partnered to empower environmental nonprofits across Texas. During Earth Month, H-E-B customers have had the option to donate directly to EarthShare Texas at checkout – making it easy for Texans to support local nonprofits and their communities.

In 2023, H-E-B and EarthShare Texas’ partnership reached new heights. The Earth Month fundraising campaign raised over $380,000 for EarthShare Texas and their 30+ nonprofit members, bringing the total contribution amount to over $2.2M since the inauguration of the campaign.

The money will be used to empower environmental projects that represent the shared values of H-E-B, EarthShare Texas, and their fellow Texans. From the preservation of Texas land to the conservation of precious water resources, H-E-B and EarthShare Texas recognize the vital roles that businesses and nonprofits play in creating a sustainable future for the Lone Star State.

Executive Director of EarthShare Texas, Francoise Van Keuren, says, “We are so proud to be a partner of Texas’ favorite grocery store. This campaign represents Texans taking care of Texas and that’s truly in the spirit of Earth Month and H-E-B’s corporate values.”

Beginning in 2024, EarthShare Texas and H-E-B will explore new ways to partner to create lasting environmental change for generations to come. “H-E-B has a deep commitment to help protect, conserve, and beautify our great state for all Texans to enjoy, now and for future generations,” said Leslie Sweet, H-E-B Managing Director of Sustainability & Environmental Affairs.

EarthShare Texas is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit federation raising funds for local and national environmentally-focused member charities. Through collaborative fundraising and partnership building, EarthShare Texas empowers mission-driven members to pursue positive environmental and health impacts across the Lone Star State for the benefit of all. Learn more about H-E-B and EarthShare Texas’ partnership at

Download the press release here.

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