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Green Business Initiatives

EarthShare Texas is proud to introduce our

Earth Month Offerings

to the green business community.

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Texas Sustainability Challenge

Using a highly engaging mobile app, employees can compete individually or on teams, showing off how they incorporate sustainable energy and lifestyle choices to conserve and protect the environment.

Group Volunteering

Volunteer events inspire employees and showcase your green values. With 30+ nonprofit members across the state, EarthShare Texas can arrange custom volunteer activities for your employees.

Employees expect more.

In our hyper-competitive job market, employers must address employee preferences.


of corporate employees under 30 agree that the more…environmentally responsible their companies become, the more motivated and loyal they will be.


of millennials expect employers to provide hands-on activities around environmental responsibilities in the workplace (vs. 77% U.S. average).


of millennials want their company to provide support and resources for them to make positive social and environmental changes at home (vs. 70% U.S. average).

Our Shared Values


We collaborate with community partners because we believe that the best environmental solutions incorporate diverse voices and collective effort.


We empower our members to pursue their mission-driven activities by shaping resources, partnership development, and best practices.

Financial Stewardship

We have a duty to provide stable, consistent funding to our members, while also ensuring the stewardship of our donors’ funds.

Mission Focused

We vet our members and donor partners to ensure that all impact focuses on our collective missions in environmental social responsibility.

Environmental Health

We invest in our members because we believe that strong environmental programs result in a healthier Texas community.

How we support your business


Connect your employees to impactful nonprofits in your communities; showcase that you care about your customers and where they live.


We’ll send you measurable impact statistics that align with your sustainability goals; share with your audience to highlight your teams’ efforts.


We work with you as an extension of your team, sharing insights, communication tools and assets, marketing templates, and custom reporting metrics.


We will help you tell your unique story by providing media kits, testimonials, creative assets, and branded materials.

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