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Green Business Initiatives

Texas Sustainability Challenge

The Sustainability Challenge offers businesses a unique employee engagement opportunity that promotes team building and sustainability.

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How It Works


Businesses and groups are eligible to register for The Sustainability Challenge and enjoy the use of the EarthShare Engage app. Let us know when you’re ready to get started!

Rally Your Team

EarthShare Texas supports you with internal communications, media kits, and environmental focused content to get your team excited to be green. We’ll have weekly emails with green tips and hacks, local volunteer opportunities, and eco education.

Go Green

Start making small choices that have a big impact. Share sustainability tips provided by EarthShare Texas with your team. Organizations are also encouraged to provide prizes or incentives for top scoring individuals!

Measure Your Impact

With each green action, the EarthShare Engage App tallies an approximate environmental benefit in three main categories: pounds of waste diverted from the landfill, gallons of water conserved, and CO2 emissions curbed. Measurements are available at the individual and organization level.

EarthShare Engage App


Dozens of opportunities to make sustainable choices throughout the day.


Compete to rack up points on the leaderboard. Share your actions online!

Real Impact

See the positive effect your habits have had on the planet.

“Our staff enjoyed the themed challenges and watching our team earn points pushed us to work together. We were able to use the app to learn more about the impact we made doing simple sustainable actions.”

Tokio Marine HCCSustainability Challenge Participants, 2023

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