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After a committed decade in conservation partnership, EarthShare of Texas and Reliant, an NRG company, celebrated big! Reliant’s EcoShareSM program amounted to a monumental $2 million donation. The impact for individuals to organizations is astounding. To add to the celebration, this achievement has not gone unnoticed. News coverage has raised awareness of our reasons to celebrate and the outcome of such generous funds. 

Reliant Energy Staff Celebrate 2 million dollar donation to EarthShare of Texas


BusinessWire: From the Panhandle to the Gulf Coast, Reliant and EarthShare of Texas Reach $2 Million Milestone in Protecting the Environment  

business wire earthshare of texas

The EcoShareSM program’s milestone made its way into Business Wire

President of Reliant, Elizabeth Killinger said in Business Wire, “In just ten years, Reliant’s EcoShare program has achieved this remarkable milestone, donating $2 million towards conservation efforts to strengthen the great state of Texas.” 


6 Park News Texas: From the Panhandle to the Gulf Coast, Reliant and EarthShare of Texas reach $2 million milestone in protecting the environment

6 park news earthshare of texas

Local 6 Park News quoted Executive Director of EarthShare of Texas, Francoise Van Keuren, “We are honored that many of Reliant’s customers are opting for the EcoShare Program and donating to our federation. Each of our members is thoroughly vetted, so we know every dollar of this $2 million milestone has been put to work to improve the natural environment of Texas.” 


Houston Daily: Texas-based companies Reliant and EarthShare celebrated ‘10 years of partnership’

houston daily earthshare of texas

The Houston Daily heralds the possibilities of strong partnerships. “The Reliant EcoShare program was the first joint effort between the two companies and through its conception, it has allowed a decade of collaboration and fundraising between them.” With strong foundational cooperation between affiliated groups, a common goal can be reached, if not exceeded.


What We’ve Accomplished Together

Due to the Reliant EcoShareSM program, EarthShare of Texas has been able to preserve sustainability efforts, educate about environmental issues, and advocate conservation. So far, the efforts amount to:

  • 39,502 acres conserved
  • 22,000 children educated about water conservation and ecology on the Colorado River
  • 2,136 cubic yards of trash and debris removed from Buffalo Bayou (Houston)  
  • 404,300 native loblolly pines planted in effort to reforest wildfire affected acreage

and the list goes on. 

These donations continually support providing creative, Texas-based solutions and protection for our collective environment. 

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