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This week, we are celebrating an important milestone in our partnership with Reliant, an NRG company: $2 million dollars raised for EarthShare of Texas member charities!

To commemorate this $2 million achievement, volunteers from Reliant planted 24 bald cypress trees at Herrera Elementary School SPARK Park on Thursday. Supplies and trees were provided by SPARK School Park Program, a long-time member of EarthShare of Texas that benefits from the Reliant EcoShareSM program. And at the end of the event, a ceremonial check was given to EarthShare of Texas Executive Director, Francoise Van Keuren.

How Reliant Raises Funds for Texas Environmental Charities

Reliant raises money for environmental charities through its partnership with EarthShare of Texas and the Reliant EcoShareSM program. The EcoShare SM program gives Reliant customers the option to add a small amount of either $3.95 or $5.95 to their energy bill. This donation is then divided between purchasing carbon offsets and donating $1 or $2 to EarthShare of Texas.

EarthShare of Texas is a federation of 35, Texas-based, environmental and conservation-focused charities. Our membership is annually vetted to ensure that each nonprofit is a good steward of donors’ dollars and is aligned with our mission.

When Reliant customers enroll in the EcoShareSM program, their donation is distributed as unrestricted funds to our membership, giving these important local charities the reliable and flexible funds they need to grow their impact.

The Impact of the Reliant and EarthShare of Texas Partnership

EarthShare of Texas first partnered with Reliant in 2011. Over the last decade, the program has grown substantially and has made a meaningful change across the state. Through EarthShare of Texas’ member charities, the Reliant EcoShareSM program has supported a wide array of environmental impact areas including land conservation, water resources, wildlife rehabilitation, parks and public space, environmental education & advocacy, sustainable design solutions, and more.

Some specific examples of EarthShare of Texas’ impact include:

  • 404,300 native loblolly pines planted to reforest areas affected by wildfires
  • 39,502 acres of land conserved, including 1,500 added to the preserve that protects the Bracken Bat Cave and its 20 million Mexican free-tailed bats
  • 22,000 children educated about water conservation and the ecology of the Colorado River
  • 2,136 cubic yards of trash and debris removed from Buffalo Bayou in Houston

For more information, read the press release from Reliant. 

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