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EarthShare of Texas has published its 2021 Impact Report. The 28-page document includes a message from our Executive Director & Board of Directors President, information on our financial health and financial goals, and highlights our 35 nonprofit members and their respective impact areas. The impact report is available on our homepage to view and download, and a small number of copies will be available in print as well.

While we are calling this an annual report, it must be acknowledged that EarthShare of Texas has not published an impact report for many years. It was under the direction of our current Executive Director, Francoise Van Keuren, that the impact report came back to life and will be an annual part of our performance transparency each year going forward. Van Keuren also led the nonprofit members, staff, and board of directors through the process of creating a strategic plan in 2020, which included the goal of expanding financial transparency and communication within the organization and resulted in this impact report among many other new initiatives.

In publishing this impact report, we are not only highlighting the work of our organization but marking a starting point for EarthShare of Texas’ journey towards achieving its goals. Specifically, by 2026, EarthShare of Texas aims to raise one million dollars per year to support its nonprofit members. You can read more about our financial health, goals, and members in the report.

Click here to view and download the 2021 Impact Report.

A special thanks goes out to those who contributed to the report:

  • Meg Hanen (letter)
  • Francoise Van Keuren (copy)
  • Emma Cravey (editing)
  • Lacie Levy (copy/design)
  • Sam Sanso (editing)
  • Lindsay Huckster (design)
  • And our member nonprofit organizations for their mission-driven work 
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