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Legacy environmental and conservation fundraising organization defines its future to adapt to increasing need and market changes.

Austin, TX — Today, EarthShare of Texas has released its new strategic plan to the public, allowing Texans to see how the leading environmental and conservation fundraising organization of Texas intends to grow over the next three years. The new strategic plan was developed in 2020 under the leadership of the organization’s executive director, Francoise Van Keuren, who comes from a background of business development in the private sector. The in-depth planning process included input from leading environmental nonprofit leaders across the state, including from the EarthShare of Texas board and leaders from its 38 member organizations.

In its nearly 30-year history, EarthShare of Texas has largely relied on workplace giving campaigns—where employees choose to deduct a donation from their paycheck—as its main source of revenue. However, workplace giving is trending downward throughout the industry, forcing the future of EarthShare of Texas to depend on developing new and creative opportunities for revenue. Van Keuren commented, “Once the pandemic slowed everything down, it was clear that it was the right time to take a step back and think about what this organization needs to do now to remain relevant in the future. By 2023, I believe we’ll find the creative partnerships to meet the increasing need for environmental funding.

The strategic plan outlines a path for the organization to empower its member nonprofits with a robust environmental network, diversify and deepen funding sources, build brand awareness and expand marketing capacity, become more efficient in fundraising and membership operations, strengthen board governance, and amplify EarthShare of Texas’ environmental leadership throughout the state of Texas. The strategic plan also updated the organization’s mission, vision, and value statements.

EarthShare of Texas last created a strategic plan in 2014 which helped the organization reach goals such as updating the organization’s website and, notably, partnering with the Texas State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) to manage the Capital Area and Waco local campaigns.

Download the press release here.

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