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Thanks to H-E-B, Central Market, and their customers, environmental charities across the state of Texas will benefit from a collective $190,000 donation. The funds will be distributed among EarthShare of Texas and our federation of Texas-based environmental and conservation charities working on local solutions across the state.

The donation was collected in an annual month-long tear pad campaign that kicked off in April in celebration of Earth Day. Throughout the campaign, customers could add a small donation to their shopping cart, which totaled $157,597. H-E-B rounded this amount making the final donation $175,000 which will go directly to EarthShare of Texas’ member charities.

In addition, the H-E-B Environmental Affairs Department donated $15,000 to EarthShare of Texas for programming. EarthShare of Texas will use these funds to further its mission, “Through collaborative fundraising and partnership building, EarthShare of Texas empowers mission-driven members to pursue positive environmental and health impacts across the Lone Star State for the benefit of all.”

In total, H-E-B donated $190,000, matching its donation in 2020. H-E-B and EarthShare of Texas have partnered every year for Earth Day campaigns since 2007. When the pandemic changed shopper habits in early 2020 and there was concern about the success of the campaign, H-E-B chose to forgo the tear-pad campaign and wrote a $190,000 check instead. Now, in 2021, online grocery shopping is more common and we were concerned about the impact this would have on checkout donations. However, Texans’ pulled through and supported the land we take so much pride in.


From EarthShare of Texas and all of our members, thank you to all who participated!