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Are you proud to be green?

We’re looking for Texans that are proud of their sustainable choices to compete in the #MyEarthMyTexas Challenge. Show off your sustainability skills and you could win cool prizes for an eco-lifestyle.

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How it Works

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Be Green

Live sustainably and take pictures

Post About it on Instagram

And use #MyEarthMyTexas

What to Post and How to Win

Anytime you make a choice that benefits the environment, post on Instagram about it. We’re looking for commitment to sustainability, creativity, and your influence on your community.

Examples of Sustainable Choices

Run the laundry with a full load

Run the laundry with a full load

Walk/bike to work

Use a reusable water bottle

Take a shorter shower

Switch to bar soaps

Shop local

Skip the carwash

Dress for the season

Drive an Electric Vehicle

Reduce, re-use, and recycle

Compost leftover produce

Volunteer with an environmental nonprofit

Donate to EarthShare of Texas

Take a picture, caption what you’re doing, and include #MyEarthMyTexas when you post on Instagram.

What a Winner Looks Like


Commitment and frequent sustainable choices

Show Creativity

Both in how you protect the environment and how it’s posted


Your community (likes, shares, and comments) and getting others to participate too

Fun, green & outdoorsy prizes to be announced in March

Stay Tuned!


Don't Miss the Deadline!

January 1st – April 22nd


April 1st – 22nd (Earth Day!)

Competition Duration

April 25th – 29th

Winners Announced

Who We Support

You may recognize some of the logos of our local and state-wide nonprofit members working to conserve, preserve, and protect Texas’ natural resources. Our impact areas range from nature conservation to sustainable design & infrastructure and everything in between.

Who is EarthShare Texas?

EarthShare Texas is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) federation of 35 Texas-based environmental charities. Founded in 1992, we have a 30-year legacy of providing stable funding to Texas’ most impactful organizations and have so far raised more than 19 millions dollars for our nonprofit members through innovative fundraising and corporate partnerships.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors:

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How much does it cost to enter the competition?

Registration is free, just be sure to fill out this form.

After you have registered, we will ask that you donate to EarthShare Texas to support environmental nonprofits across the state. Your donation is appreciated, but not required to participate or win. (But you can use it as a post!)

How will the winner be chosen?

The judges will consist of EarthShare Texas staff. We will evaluate all Instagram posts that meet the following criteria:

  1. Participant must be registered. Register here »
  2. Posted between April 1 – April 22, 2022
  3. Include #MyEarthMyTexas in the text
  4. Include an image and caption relating to sustainability

The evaluation will look at:

Participants will be evaluated based on the below criteria:

  1. Demonstration of long-term commitment and frequent sustainable choices.
    Tip: Consider posting several times throughout the competition and show that each action is something you do on a regular basis.
  2. Show creativity both in how you protect the environment and how it’s posted
    Tip: Consider posting different types of sustainable actions and avoid repetitive actions. We won’t be impressed with a feed exclusively documenting every item you recycle your coffee lid.
  3. Influence in their community (likes, shares, and comments) and tagging others to participate too
    Tip: Encourage your friends and family to participate, tag them in your posts, and have them tag you in their posts. Be sure to engage with other participants as well.

The judges will use a point system to determine finalists, and evaluate holistically to determine winners.

What is required in each post?

Every post should include a picture, caption, and #MyEarthMyTexas within the caption.

How many times do I need to post on Instagram?

The minimum is just one. However, demonstrating a long-term commitment to sustainability will make you eligible for more prize winning opportunities!

*A special note, we believe that people are healthier living life IRL and suggest thoughtful posts over a large quantity of posts.

Will EarthShare Texas look at posts on other platforms?

No. The judges will only look at posts on Instagram.

We are happy for you to post about #MyEarthMyTexas on other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc., but these will not be reviewed to determine a winner.

I am entering #MyEarthMyTexas late, do I have a chance at winning?

Yes. Although it is to your advantage to begin early, you can still participate and have a chance at winning if you enter late.

What if I don’t register? Can I still participate?

Registration is required if you would like to compete and win. Our judges will only look at posts from registered participants.

To make this competition more equitable, we have made it free for everyone to register.

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Can I compete if my Instagram is private?

Unfortunately, no. While we understand that some people prefer to keep their social media profiles private, due to the nature of this competition we will need a your profile to be public to evaluate your participation. You can of course return to private once winners have been announced.

When will the winners be notified?

EarthShare Texas will notify winner between April 25th and April 29th

What is #MyEarthMyTexas

#MyEarthMyTexas is a campaign primarily used to bring attention to and fundraise for our federation of Texas-based environmental and conservation nonprofits. You can learn more about our organization here.

In addition, we aim for #MyEarthMyTexas to benefit our environment directly through the collective impact of participants. So, thank you!

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