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Your favorite federation, EarthShare Texas, is turning 30! Today starts our 30-day countdown to the 30th Anniversary Bash, taking place at the beautiful Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center on October 13th. We’re asking all of our supporters for a meaningful financial contribution of $30 to help celebrate three decades of environmental nonprofits creating a sustainable environment better suited for all Texans. 

A Collaborative Alliance for Environmental Impact

When you support EarthShare Texas, one donation helps finance countless environmental causes and 35+ nonprofits across the Lone Star State, all with one click. Our many nonprofit members work to create positive environmental impacts so all species of Texas can benefit. Funds are distributed unrestricted so all members are empowered to pursue their missions. 

Many members contribute to multiple environmental initiatives with their work. Here are the main causes you support, and the nonprofit members of our federation who stand for them, when you donate. 

Advocacy and Environmental Justice 

Several members focus on building public support for climate and environmental justice and for conservation. These include: Bike Texas, Environmental Defense Fund, Public Citizen, the Sierra Club Foundation, Sustainable Food Center, and the Texas Campaign for the Environment Fund

These members represent the frontline for environmental policy change in Texas. 

Environmental Education

EarthShare Texas and its members know how important it is to educate everyone we can about the environment and the human impact upon it. Teaching others spreads awareness of our partnership with the planet and the possibilities of creating a sustainable future. These members are: Audubon Foundation of Texas, Austin Youth River Watch, Citizens’ Environmental Coalition, and Keep Texas Beautiful

Education, combined with action, is how we continue to build solidarity with all species. 

Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Design

Innovation in energy, infrastructure, and design is essential to building resilient and responsible coexisting communities. These members strive for forward-thinking solutions: the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, State of Texas Alliance for Recycling, and Texas Solar Energy Society

EarthShare Texas member charities continue to build greener, healthier human environments .

Land Conservation

Many of our members work with the state and federal government and private landowners to keep land available and sufficient for the ecosystem. These members are: Bayou Land Conservancy, Big Bend Conservancy, Coastal Prairie Conservancy, Guadalupe-Blanco River Trust, Hill Country Conservancy, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, and Texas Parks and Wildlife. 

Conservation is vital, especially as climate change brings countless challenges to how we think about, utilize, and value landscapes. 

Renovation and Repair of Parks and Public Spaces

Several members help establish, expand, and maintain outdoor resources and recreational areas for the public to enjoy. These nonprofits are: Austin Parks Foundation, Buffalo Bayou Partnership, Ecology Action of Texas, Greens Bayou Coalition, SPARK School Park Program, and TreeFolks

Protecting and repairing our natural spaces, whether for public recreational purposes or for species to survive, these members’ important work leads to an enhanced environment. 

Protecting Water Resources

Water is life for everyone and everything, and these members help ensure that all water sources, their quantity and quality, are protected. These nonprofits are: Clean Water Fund, Galveston Bay Foundation, Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance, San Marcos River Foundation, and Save Barton Creek Association

As the single most important natural resource, water health, safety, and equity is the drive and dedication behind these members’ missions. 

Working With Wildlife 

Rescuing, rehabilitating, or restoring wildlife to its natural environments is the focus for many members. They are: Bat Conservation International, Blackland Prairie Raptor Center, National Wildlife Federation, and Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

We live with so many species who need our support and these members meet the call.

$30 for 30 Day Countdown: Donate Today

After thirty years, EarthShare Texas has continued to expand to help more members which in-turn supports the health and sustainability of more communities, habitats, and ecosystems. You can help continue our members’ missions and further EarthShare Texas’ legacy. Donate today to our $30 for 30 days countdown.  

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