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EarthShare Texas is collaborating with SPARK Equity In Action and our member Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter to bring our nonprofit network a new DEIJ learning and development opportunity.


We’re providing staff and board members of EarthShare Texas and our member organizations an upcoming diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) Salon Series. The Salon Series is composed of monthly meetings – starting August 2023 and going until March 2024. The series invites member organizations into conversations about DEIJ principles. Together, we will explore their necessity in environmental justice and nonprofit work.

SPARK Equity In Action

SPARK Equity In Action offers DEIJ strategies to implement within organizations. Their mission is “to spark and sustain DEI conversations & strategies that ignite equitable and inclusive conditions, one connection at a time.”

SPARK Equity In Action provides DEIJ consulting, training, and workshops to help clients develop and implement their DEIJ goals on an institutional and individual level. Seasoned facilitators will equip participants with tools and resources to better understand our role and responsibility within the communities we serve. Their framework for progress involves awareness, action, and accountability. SPARK Equity In Action has been providing training and consulting services since 2017.


spark equity in action framework, deij

SPARK Equity In Action Framework, 2023

Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter

Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter is the “oldest grassroots environmental organization in Texas.” They have over 27,000 members throughout the state, and support a variety of conservation priorities. Some of their priorities include Clean Air & Water, Smart Energy Solutions, and Stable Climate.

The Lone Star Chapter promotes environmental education and justice in their efforts to protect the Texas environment and public health. They believe “that the health of the human world is inextricably linked to the health of the natural world.”

austin demonstration lone star chapter, deij

Lone Star Chapter, Austin

We look forward to learning alongside our nonprofit network during this new Salon Series.

For an overview of environmental justice, check out this video from our member organization, Environmental Defense Fund.

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