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EarthShare Texas Reflects on Our Collective Impact in 2023


As we bid farewell to another transformative year, it’s time to hit play on EarthShare Texas’ 2023 Wrapped – a harmonious blend of achievements, milestones, and impactful moments that have defined our journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. Join us while we revisit the collaborative efforts, innovative initiatives, and resilient strides that together have contributed to a positive impact on our planet. As we explore the highlights of 2023, let these accomplishments serve as a testament to the collective dedication and ongoing mission to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with the Earth we call home.

EarthShare Texas 2023 Impact Report

As 2023 comes to a close, EarthShare Texas is reflecting on the year and everything we accomplished together. It is an honor to share our 2023 Impact Report with you.

This impact report details the mission and vision of EarthShare Texas, and tracks our efforts to empower environmental nonprofits in Texas. It also highlights our staff, our member organizations, our business partners, Eco-Enthusiasts, and other active participants in the Texas green community – all of whom contribute to the achievements you’ll see outlined in the impact report!

cover photo of earthshare texas 2023 impact report

EarthShare Texas 2023 Impact Report

Spring: My Earth My Texas

Participants in the challenge logged more than 10,000 sustainability actions in April, 2023. They diverted over 3,000kg of waste, saved over 50,000 kg of CO2, and conserved over 570,000 L of water.

The My Earth My Texas Challenge was born out of the belief that collective action can create lasting change. We envisioned a campaign that would empower individuals and communities to embrace sustainability in their daily lives. The goal was clear: to inspire sustainable actions that would collectively contribute to a greener, healthier Texas. Harnessing the power of digital platforms and social media, the campaign reached participants across the Lone Star State – many Texans shared their sustainability actions, inspiring others and creating a virtual community dedicated to positive change.

During My Earth My Texas, EarthShare Texas partnered with Tokio Marine HCC for our largest business sustainability challenge yet. Together, our organizations successfully galvanized 13 teams nationwide and engaged 350+ employees in sustainable actions that had enormous benefits for the environment. 

Tokio Marine HCC said, “Our staff enjoyed the themed challenges and watching our team earn points pushed us to work together. We were able to use the app to learn more about the impact we made doing simple sustainable actions.”

For everyone who participated, My Earth My Texas was a celebration of community, commitment, and stewardship. The campaign serves as a reminder that, when united by a common goal, Texans can achieve extraordinary feats for the well-being of their beloved state and the planet.

National Wildlife Federation, 2023

Summer: Eco-Enthusiasts

After My Earth My Texas, we launched our Eco-Enthusiast donor stewardship program, a unique initiative that brings together our monthly donors in a community dedicated to sustainability.

eco enthusiast logo, dark green and light blue with white text

EarthShare Texas Eco-Enthusiast

We extend our deepest gratitude to each and every one of our donors for being an integral part of our environmental stewardship mission. Your unwavering commitment to sustainability and conservation has played a pivotal role in advancing our efforts to protect and preserve the natural beauty of Texas. We want to remind our valued supporters of the continued impact of your generosity and the positive ripple effect it has on our shared planet.

Your steadfast support enables us to make meaningful strides in environmental conservation, and the Eco-Enthusiast program is our way of saying thank you to those who contribute month after month. Your dedication is the bedrock of our success, and we want you to know how truly appreciated you are. As we embark on another season of growth and renewal, we are grateful for your ongoing partnership. Thank you for being the driving force behind a greener and healthier Texas.

Fall: Match Month

During the month of October, we hosted our first-ever Match Month. During Match Month, five of our member organizations hosted volunteer events that directly impacted the Texas environment.

 This campaign aimed to drive volunteers to participate in important community projects, and double their impact. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, we had a volunteer matching contribution of up to $10,000, with each participating organization eligible to receive up to $2,000. Each participant contributed to the collective impact made in our communities and state.

For this pilot campaign, we randomly selected five of our member organizations, one from each membership region, to join us in this exciting endeavor.

EarthShare Texas’ Match Month presented a unique opportunity for community members to get involved, give back, and support organizations that are dedicated to environmental conservation and sustainability. Our volunteers showed up to make a difference, and helped us ensure a brighter and greener future for our beloved Texas communities.


Reliant Energy Volunteers, 2023

Between the five nonprofits selected – Austin Parks Foundation, Greens Bayou Coalition, Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, Blackland Prairie Raptor Center, and Sustainable Food Center – our goal of 500 total volunteer hours was well surpassed, rounding out at a whopping 849 volunteer hours logged. In addition, 255 volunteers were engaged in events for these nonprofits during Match Month. We’d like to thank all of the volunteers and the participating members for supporting Texas’ conservation community through this campaign!

Winter: Green Leaders Fellowship

Towards the end of 2023, we launched the Green Leaders Fellowship Program, a nuanced solution that addresses Green Workforce constraints while building the green leadership pipeline.

The mission of the Green Leaders Fellowship is to foster a vibrant and diverse green workforce that will lead Texas in sustainable development, creating a positive impact in our communities and throughout our state. To accomplish this, the Green Leaders Fellowship facilitates meaningful connections and partnerships between Texas environmental nonprofits and green leaders.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are vital guiding principles for EarthShare Texas. The Green Leaders Fellowship Program is strategically designed to propel leaders from all backgrounds into the forefront of environmental leadership. By creating opportunities for underrepresented communities, EarthShare Texas is paving the way for a more vibrant and diverse green workforce that can better understand and address the multifaceted challenges our environment faces.

In November, we hired and placed 6 talented young Texans with 5 environmental nonprofits to complete exciting, impactful projects. The Green Leaders Fellowship offers a comprehensive experience that equips fellows with the tools, knowledge, and connections they need to succeed in the green workforce.

The Fellowship Program isn’t just about the fellows – it also provides tangible benefits to EarthShare Texas member organizations. These organizations can expect to:

  1. Strengthen DEIB/J Programs: The presence of diverse fellows can invigorate an organization’s diversity, equity, inclusion, justice (DEIB/J) initiatives, leading to a more welcoming and representative workspace. EarthShare Texas will provide specially designed training and workshops that prepare member nonprofits to effectively work alongside and empower employees regardless of their background.
  2. Gain Capacity Relief: Fellows offer additional support to member organizations, helping them tackle projects that might have been challenging due to limited resources. EarthShare Texas has a vast network of over 30 nonprofits throughout Texas, uniquely positioning the federation to support numerous environmental efforts with one program.
  3. Identify Future Hires: The Fellowship Program serves as a talent pool for member organizations, offering the opportunity to identify potential future employees who have already showcased their dedication and skills. EarthShare Texas provides the entire prospecting, hiring, and placement process as a service to our members – saving them even more valuable time.

EarthShare Texas envisions a future where the green workforce is dynamic, diverse, and ready to lead Texas towards sustainable, environmentally-conscious development. By nurturing emerging leaders and providing them with the tools and connections they need, EarthShare Texas is creating a legacy of green workforce development that will benefit the entire state.

Building A Greener Future

Looking to 2024

EarthShare Texas has achieved remarkable milestones in 2023, showcasing the power of collective action in creating a positive impact on our environment and communities.

From supporting the mission-driven work of our member organizations to inspiring individual sustainable practices, our community has proven that everyday actions lead to significant change. As we reflect on the accomplishments of the past year, we invite you to join our growing community. Together, we can amplify our collective impact, contribute to a healthier planet, and build a more sustainable future. Let’s unite in the spirit of environmental stewardship and make 2024 a year of even greater achievements. Join EarthShare Texas today and be a catalyst for positive change!


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