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EarthShare Texas Green Leaders Fellowship: Empowering the Future of the Green Workforce

 In response to the growing demand for a skilled and diverse Green Workforce, EarthShare Texas proudly announces the launch of its transformative Green Leaders Fellowship Program.


austin youth river watch

Austin Youth River Watch, photo credit Emma Walsh

Clean energy, sustainable development, environmental technology; these represent just a few environmentally-focused industries that are quickly becoming the future of our workforce and economy. The need for a skilled and diverse Green Workforce has never been more clear. EarthShare Texas is addressing this need through our innovative Green Leaders Fellowship Program. This program not only tackles the capacity constraints faced by environmental organizations but also takes a significant step towards building a more inclusive and representative leadership pipeline in the field.

A Nuanced Solution to Green Workforce Capacity Constraints

Environmental nonprofits often find themselves stretched thin, trying to tackle complex issues with limited resources. EarthShare Texas recognizes this challenge and proposes a solution that not only benefits these organizations but also nurtures talent from diverse Texas communities. The Fellowship Program is designed to bridge the gap between environmental nonprofits and future leaders, propelling everyone forward.


Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance

Building the Green Leadership Pipeline

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are guiding principles for EarthShare Texas. The Green Leaders Fellowship Program is strategically designed to bring individuals from diverse backgrounds into the forefront of environmental leadership. By creating opportunities for all, EarthShare Texas is paving the way for a more vibrant and diverse Green Workforce.

A Holistic Fellowship Experience

The EarthShare Texas Green Leaders Fellowship offers a comprehensive experience that equips fellows with the tools, knowledge, and connections. Fellows can expect to:

  1. Gain Professional Workplace Experience: Fellows will be placed within Texas environmental nonprofits, providing them with hands-on experience in real-world projects. This practical exposure is invaluable for honing skills and understanding the nuances of the field.
  2. Access Networking and Community Connections: The Fellowship facilitates meaningful connections not only between fellows and their host organizations but also among fellows themselves. Building a supportive community is essential for personal and professional growth.
  3. Prepare for the Next Career Step: The program is designed to prepare fellows for the next phase of their careers. Whether they aspire to lead environmental nonprofits, advocate for policy changes, or drive sustainable business practices, the Green Leaders Fellowship equips them with the skills to excel.
  4. Professional Development: Mentorship can be a game-changer. Fellows will have the opportunity to learn how to cultivate their own advisory panel to support them on their journey.

TreeFolks, photo credit Matthew Bradford

Mutual Benefits for EarthShare Texas Members

The Fellowship Program isn’t just about the fellows – it also provides tangible benefits to EarthShare Texas member organizations. These organizations can expect to:

  1. Strengthen DEIB/J Programs: The presence of diverse fellows can invigorate an organization’s diversity, equity, inclusion, justice (DEIB/J) initiatives, leading to a more welcoming and representative workspace. EarthShare Texas will provide specially designed trainings that prepare nonprofits to effectively work alongside and empower diverse employees.
  2. Gain Capacity Relief: Fellows offer additional support to member organizations, helping them tackle projects that might have been challenging due to limited resources. EarthShare Texas empowers over 30 environmental nonprofits throughout Texas; allowing the federation to support numerous efforts with one program.
  3. Identify Future Hires: The Fellowship Program serves as a talent pool for member organizations, offering the opportunity to identify potential future employees who have already showcased their dedication and skills. EarthShare Texas provides the entire prospecting, hiring, and placement process – saving nonprofits even more valuable time.

EarthShare Texas envisions a future where the Green Workforce is dynamic, diverse, and ready to lead Texas towards sustainable development. By nurturing emerging leaders and empowering nonprofits, EarthShare Texas is creating a green legacy that will benefit the entire state.

The Spring 2024 Green Leaders Fellowship Application is now OPEN. Apply now.

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