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EarthShare Texas supports 35 environmental nonprofits throughout Texas that create collective impact across a multitude of environmental causes. We want all Texans to be an agent of these causes in their everyday lives. 

With New Year’s around the corner, here are 8 environmental resolutions that align with the missions and work of our nonprofits.   

1. Water Resources

Water is sacred. We can treat water as such by how we utilize and take care of it. 

This upcoming year: 

EarthShare Texas Water Resources_Gene Fisseler

2. Land Conservation

No matter if you live in North, South, East, or West Texas: the land is our livelihood. 

Here’s a few ways you can be in partnership with the land:

3. Environmental Education

Knowing the environmental causes and concerns in your area is important to take first steps. 

Below are events and resources providing access to environmental education you can enjoy:

EarthShare Texas 35 environmental nonprofits_Austin Parks Foundation photo

4. Advocacy and Environmental Justice

The current climate crisis is placing all species at extreme risk. It’s up to human beings to unite and take action against the ongoing exploitation, destruction, and extinction of all ecosystems. 

In 2023, we all can:

Click this link to see who represents your interests

5. Infrastructure and Sustainable Design

Urban development is on the rise. The population of Texas is increasing. This gives “developers” the opportunity to integrate nature alongside their projects. 

Unfortunately, nature is not being replenished at the rate it is being uprooted. What can we do?:

EarthShare Texas 8 (Environmental) New Year's Resolutions 2023_Texas Parks and Wildlife photo

6. Parks and Public Space

These spaces are special for so many. Let’s leave no trace so all species can enjoy these spaces as we do.  

Some 2023 resolutions are:

7. Wildlife

We can’t sugarcoat this: the World Wildlife Fund’s 2022 Living Planet Report “shows an average 69% decline in the relative abundance of monitored wildlife worldwide” in only fifty years time.

Three ways to help our animal family are:

  • Adopt-A-Bat with Bat Conservation International – and help end bat extinctions worldwide
  • If you find an animal in need of assistance, call a Rescue Hotline (830-336-2725 – Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Hotline)
  • Begin a career in the environmental or nonprofit space.

EarthShare Texas Texas Wildlife_Bracken Cave 2012 120

8. Support EarthShare Texas

By supporting EarthShare Texas, you help create collective impact across Texas for all of these environmental causes. 

This upcoming year, why not:

For more environmental engagement with us or our members, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TiktokAnd if you need a stocking stuffer: check out our merchandise. Enjoy 2023 eco-enthusiasts.

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